• Ruins of Crestil is completely free to play!

    Ready to start? Just point your favorite MUD client to:

    Host: ruinsofcrestil.com
    Port: 8000

    Jump right in and join us for the greatest adventure of your lifetime!

    If you don't have a favorite MUD client, or don't know what that is, we highly recommend Mudlet. It's free, open source, fast, lightweight, and easy to use. Just go download it from their site!

    You will need to create a new profile in Mudlet to connect to Ruins of Crestil. After downloading, simply open the client, and at the window where it offers game options, select 'New' near the bottom. To the right, input your new profile name (something like 'Ruins of Crestil'), then the host and port (see above!) and hit 'Connect' in the bottom right.

    Alternatively, click here to connect to our admittedly rudimentary websocket.